I work with couples to give them the tools to communicate and do it well.  We'll work with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, based on the work of Carl Jung, to assess each of your preferences.  The MBTI is the only data-based personality test.

You'll learn about 

  • your personality preference, 

  • communication style, 

  • decision-making style, 

  • conflict style, and 

  • how you respond (and react) to stress

and how to appreciate your strengths and differences as a couple so you can develop strategies that work for you.  

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"The process hasn't always been easy or comfortable, but it has been incredibly rewarding.  After 10 years, I'd wondered if we'd make it.  Now I know we will."  -Kathleen S. from Mesa, AZ

"After our last session, my husband told me, 'I love talking about our relationship like this.  It makes me feel loved.'" -Megan A. from Reno

Let's discuss where you are and where you want to be and plot a course that works for you to get there. 


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