The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator can help you navigate your personal and professional development in a myriad of ways, whether you're looking to hone your leadership style, change career paths, or  orient yourself in a new social environment.



"I'm busy but so happy and fulfilled that I could burst, and I'm seeing more and more pieces of my life coming together in a great way.  I have a new focus on bringing even more art and creativity back into my life.  Thank you for the months that you worked with me and helped me learn how to reframe much of my thinking."  -M. T. from Phoenix, AZ

"Jacqueline coached me using MBTI in several sessions, when I was going through a big transition from working in China to an MBA program in the United States. She supported me to cope with cultural and personal challenges, and regain my inner peace and balance, as well as stopping me from being judgmental and depressed. 
She helped me make sense of my struggles, conflicts and emotional withdrawal, and understand where I get energy, how I collect information, how I interact with people in the world and how I make decisions. Mostly important, Jacqueline inspired me to realize this is who I am and who others are, and people are just different. I really appreciate Jacqueline led me on that journey. " -Youfeng P. from Shanghai, China

Let's discuss where you are and where you want to be and plot a course that works for you to get there. 


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