Study smarter, not harder, with the help of what you'll learn about yourself with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  In my 13 years of teaching, I only worked with a small number of students that actually didn't have the capacity to perform.  Most students were struggling because they'd been studying in ways that didn't actually work for them, telling themselves stories about their capacity that weren't true.

I got introduced to coaching as an academic coach at a med school.  With all my experience in coaching, teaching, and test preparation, I can help you learn more efficiently and demonstrate what you know when it's test time.

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I’ve been paying someone $200 an hour for sessions twice a week for three months and haven’t not gotten the quality of information from them that I’m getting from you.” -Anna K., med student 3rd year

Let's discuss where you are and where you want to be and plot a course that works for you to get there. 


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Jacqueline is a positive CATALYST to any student's academic success. You may understand the content but what about your plan on how to effectively apply the content at the level you should? Well, she can help guide you to discover a more efficient and self-fitting way of organization, time-management, test preparation, and just an overall well-being of your mental, emotional, and physical state as a student of any trade. My appreciation is beyond words for this lady." -R. Nguyen, doctoral student ​

"Jacqueline Freeman has been a guest lecturer in my classes over the past 3 years. Ms Freeman has brought new ideas to my graduate students and assisted them with on-going support on subjects ranging from organizational skills, study habits, test taking techniques and stress management. The most impressive aspect of Jacqueline’s work is that her skills range from a dynamic, engaging speaking style in a large classroom setting to focused, intense one-on-one work with individual students. Ms Freeman has been able to give  students new skills and new perspectives on course work and stress management even at a doctoral candidate level. I highly recommended Jacqueline for group or individual support." - Dr. Andrea Ruotolo, Audiologist